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History,  Politics and Film - 21 August, 2009
The release of Balibo seems to have sparked a round of op-eds discussing its historical perspective.

Battle for East Timor fought in Canberra's corridors - The Australian 21 August
The new film Balibo tells only part of the story of the Indonesian invasion, writes Paul Monk

Diary reveals Timor troubles - Westside News 21 August, 2009
NOT much survived Indonesia’s brutal invasion of the East Timor border village of Balibo in 1975 so the preservation of journalist Greg Shackleton’s diary was a minor miracle.

Balibo verdict: truth, drama and tragedy - Sun Herald 16 August, 2009
Balibo has opened political and cultural wounds. Author Paul Cleary and filmmaker, Robert Connolly present two informed views on its portayal of history

Balibo questions must be answered - Sydney Morning Herald 15 August, 2009
"...Balibo is a word and an issue that just won't go away from our foreign affairs debates, despite the efforts of successive politicians, experts and officials to get it filed and forgotten..." says Hamish McDonald

Balibo Five Film could change history - The West Australian 13 August, 2009
Connolly sees Balibo as an edge-of-the-seat thriller, stirring mainstream entertainment in which an important piece of history is told in a way that is as exciting as it is enlightening. He speak to Mark Naglazas here.

A Tale of Truth and Lies - ABC Classic FM 10 August, 2009
Robert Connolly and Anthony LaPaglia speak to Alicia Hamilton about their long working friendship....

Anthony LaPaglia on Mornings with Margaret Throsby - ABC Classic FM 7 August
Margaret Throsby is in conversation with Anthony, playing his favourite music, including the Balibo soundtrack, and telling his own stories.

Balibo audio slideshow - ABC 12 August, 2009
Damon Gameau talks about his experiences filming new Australian film Balibo, about the Balibo Five, with some interesting archive photos.

When press comes to shove, they're the reel deal - SMH 12 August, 2009
Balibo highlights the tragedy and heroics of the media business, says Catharine Munro. For such a disreputable lot, journalists make it into film as heroes with surprising frequency.

Damon Gameau can't shake Balibo - Sky News 11 August, 2009
Damon signed up for an acting job on Robert Connolly's film Balibo, but what he got was a life-changing experience. Read about it here.

Anthony LaPaglia speaks to Fran Kelly ABC Radio National 10 August, 2009
Almost 35 years on, there are still questions as to what actually happened to the five Australian journalists in Balibo that October morning. Watch Fran Kelly's interview with Anthony here. Part 1 and Part 2.

Recreating Balibo -  Adam Spencer on Breakfast ABC 702 10 August, 2009
Hear an extended version of Adam Spencer's interview with Anthony LaPaglia about making Balibo and how to pronounce his surname properly....

Line in sand that will define our nation -  Sydney Morning Herald 8 August, 2009
''...The Rudd Government cannot act on the report by the NSW coroner into the Balibo killings without risking the exposure of a Whitlam-era intelligence debacle. So embarrassing was the 1975 fiasco that a compromised Canberra has been at Indonesia's mercy on the Balibo murders ever since..." says Gerald Willessee

Making Balibo -  Daily Telegraph 7 August, 2009
Anthony LaPaglia speaks to Vicky Roach about the importance of Balibo. Watch the video here

The edge of reality -  The Age 7 August, 2009
Anthony LaPaglia strived for truth about the Balibo Five, writes Philippa Hawker.

Diplomat hits media for journo's death -  The Australian 7 August, 2009
THE Australian media bears more responsibility than the Australian government for the deaths of five journalists in Balibo in 1975, according to retired diplomat Richard Woolcott. He says "Any suggestion that the embassy knew that they were there is wrong. But it's 30-odd years on now, and I'm not sure there is a great deal to be gained from going over it. It's like what happened in Nazi Germany."

Commanding Lead -  Sydney Morning Herald 7 August, 2009
Ramos-Horta, the Nobel Peace Prize-winner and East Timor’s president, hadn’t heard of Oscar Isaac, the Hispanic New York actor. He had jokingly suggested George Clooney should play him. But Oscar brings an inspirational presence to Balibo, writes Helen Barlow.

Rob Connolly and Damon Gameau talk 'Balibo' -  Cut Print Review 5 August, 2009
Anders Wotzke talks to Rob and Damon about the contemporary relevance of the film, what lengths they went to in keeping the film as factual as possible, how the victims’ families and the Indonesian government have responded to the film. here...

Balibo's Grisly Truth -  The Australian 4 August, 2009
"Balibo is not a documentary, it's a movie, but based on a solid foundation of historical data, of cables and documents, of reports and eyewitness testimony." Caroline Overington looks at the facts behind the film here

NZ Journalist killed in East Timor a Hero - Otago Daily Times 4 August, 2009
"This dramatic story is not as well known this side of the Tasman as it should be, even though one of the five was 27-year-old New Zealander Gary Cunningham. We should honour Gary as one of our heroes." Read the full article here...

Balibo Five Remembered - National Nine News 3 August, 2009
It has been nearly 34 years since five Australian journalists were murdered, with no one charged with their deaths in Indonesia. Watch Mark Burrows' special report here.

Balibo: The Forum: Melbourne Film Festival - Movietime Radio National 25 July, 2009
Movietime Movietalks is Radio National’s newest film-focused destination, launching with interviews and forums direct from the Melbourne and Brisbane International film festivals. Here, East Timor's president José Ramos-Horta, director Robert Connolly and star Anthony LaPaglia discuss the new feature film about Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor in 1975. Hosted by Julie Rigg

Interview with Balibo cinematographer Tristan Milani - 24 July, 2009
Balibo is the fourth film collaboration of director Robert Connolly and cinematographer Tristan Milani. Here Tristan talks to about the challenges of shooting in Timor, how he created the many different looks that appear in the film and how he recreated the famous Balibo 5 news pieces. If you are into your lenses, stocks and F-Stops then you will love this podcast!

Truth and Courage: A Sister's Tale - The Age 24 July, 2009
Maureen Tolfree is the courageous older sister of cameraman Brian Peters, who worked bravely and tirelessly to uncover the truth behind her brother's death in Balibo. Read Jo Chandler's report in The Age about how Maureen, one ordinary person, walked into her local police station in Bristol to report Brian's murder and thereby set off a chain of investigations by Scotland Yard, the UN and finally the NSW Coroner.

Indonesia's response to BALIBO - The Jakarta Post 24 July, 2009
In response to the international media BALIBO has been generating, and the public statements President José Ramos Horta has made about the torture and murders of the Balibo 5, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Teuku Faizasyah has responded by calling Balibo a work of 'fiction.' He goes on to answer questions in the Jakarta Post about the notion to ban the film in Indonesia..
Jim Schembri talks to Rob Connolly
In addition to the stirring, 5 out of 5 review Jim Schembri gave Balibo, he also did an in depth interview with director Rob Connolly about the inspiration and passion that helped drive him while making the film.

"For 34 years the truth of what happened in East Timor in 1975 has been hidden by consecutive Australian governments and by the Indonesian government," he says. "What I wanted to do with the film was show people what happened."
Read the full intervew here.

The World Today with President José Ramos Horta - ABC Radio 27 July, 2009
President José Ramos Horta talks candidly with Peter Cave on ABC Radio about his reaction to finally seeing the film BALIBO and why he is ready for a mutual apology between Timor-Leste and Indonesia. You can read the transcript or listen to the full interview here.

Fran Kelly interviews President Jose Ramos Horta - Radio National 28 July, 2009
Listen to a fascinating conversation Fran Kelly had with President Ramos Horta on his recent visit to Australia....

José Ramos-Horta relives Balibo Five through film- The Australian 24 July, 2009
EAST Timor president Jose Ramos Horta has given the film Balibo the thumbs up, saying that watching it was like a flashback, casting him back 34 years to events in East Timor in 1975 to relive "what I thought I had forgotten about" Read more

President's lesson on Balibo - The Age 23 July, 2009
EAST Timor will not pursue the soldiers who killed five Australian television journalists in 1975 because it is Indonesia's responsibility, President Jose Ramos Horta says....

Bodies of Evidence - The Age 23 July, 2009
The fate of the Balibo five has been debated for decades. Balibo aims to set the record straight..... Read more.

Balibo 'should prompt war crime charges'- ABC News 22 July, 2009
Ahead of its premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival on Friday July 24, director Robert Connolly says Balibo, the first feature film ever made in East Timor, should prompt war crime charges......Read more.

Film recalls our failure in East Timor - 22 July, 2009
An opinion piece on Balibo by Daniel Flitton, Diplomatic Editor of The Age. He says..."Go and see Balibo - a feature film like this will do more to encourage widespread debate about Australia's place in the world than any dry academic book on foreign policy, think tank report or government white paper...."

Who Killed the Balibo Five?
This Oct 1998 report unearths controversial evidence to suggests that the Balibo Five were murdered by invading Indonesian troops who wanted to silence the world's media on the secret ccupation taking place.

Late Night Live on Balibo - 29 November, 2007
On the road to Balibo - Philip Adams. Listen here.

Ghosts of Balibo - The Age May 31, 2009
For more than three decades, Tony Maniaty has been haunted by the demons of Balibo. Tom Hyland speaks with Tony here

Roger East: Australia's Forgotten Journalist - Radio National 14 December, 2008
Roger East was 52, and a seasoned journalist, when he died in early December 1975 in Dili, East Timor, at the hands of Indonesian armed forces. Listen here to this fascinating Hindsight program.

Dili Allstars - George Negus Tonight 24 September, 2003
The Dili Allstars is a 7-piece funk, ska, rock band from Melbourne, formed in 1996 by Paul Stewart whose brother, Tony, was one of the five Australian journalists killed in East Timor in 1975. Gil Santos, whose father was killed in the same conflict, is the Allstars' co-founder. Read more about them here.

Radio National Late Night Live - 28 May, 2009
Phillip Adams talks here to author and former ABC correspondent to East Timor, Tony Maniaty, about his book Shooting Balibo.

Our Tony - Radio National  23 May, 2009
Anne E Stewart, the sister of one of the Balibo Five, sound recordist Tony Stewart, offers a personal insight into his very public and political death. Listen here.

Time for both sides to face music over Balibo Five - The Age 18 May, 2008
"Australia and Indonesia are about to face a very tricky diplomatic test." Read Paul Daley's opinion piece here

Balibo Five killed deliberately: Coroner - National Nine News 16 November, 2007
The New South Wales coroner today found that the journalists known as the 'Balibo five' were deliberately killed to stop them revealing Indonesia's invasion of East Timor in 1975. Watch the Nine News report here

Radio National Late Night Live Classic - 7 October, 2002
Phillip Adams talks to Shirley Shackleton, the tenacious campaigner for East Timor whose husband, Greg Shackleton, was one of five Australian based journalists killed by Indonesian forces in Balibo.